Monday, April 22, 2013

5 ways to change your interior groundhog day in a day

For many mums most days feel like groundhog day. Just because each day is reasonably predictable it doesn't mean when you stick your head up to suck in some air, you have the same groundhog day interior to look at. 

Keeping your home looking the same way it was three or more years ago can drag you down and you might just feel you'll never get out.

As we've said before things don't have to cost a fortune to look lovely in your home. The biggest thing it requires is YOU. 

Becoming unstuck is the biggest challenge for many women whose lives are run more by the variables in their day than anything else. It's about taking some control back and saying no more to groundhog day and groundhog interiors.

The suggestions we are about to give you will cost nothing (so from hereon in, there can be no complaints from the other half).

This is the same room changed around four times with
existing furniture.
This is Jamie's very special skill!
She keeps those rooms moving!

Here are 5 ways you can set the scene and get a new fresh perspective in just one day.

One: Invite a trusted friend over and give her a laundry basket or two or three. Ask her go through your house/specific rooms and put in the basket anything that is daggy, collecting dust or is distracting, unnecessary, taking up good real estate or what she has disliked for a long time. It's her chance to do it now!

With thanks to Erin from
Eat Play Bond for allowing me to go back in time.
These were 'special' gifts she has received.
They had to GO!
You can read more about those precious things here.

Two: Go on the same path as your friend when she is done (get her to put the kettle on or pour a stiff drink, there is more work to be done). Look high and low and put into another basket anything that has been annoying you, that you're 'over' or doesn't fit into the way you live now or the way you want to live in the near future.

Three: Later when there is peace and quiet go through the baskets and turf out at least seven items from ten. Pass them on, give to charity or throw them straight in the bin. Do it the same day, action the whole lot and get it OUT of the house! At the very least put the passing on or charity bags straight in the car.

Four: Have your cleaning kit ready and clean all the surfaces, skirting boards, carpet, everything that has built up and that has left you feeling suppressed or overwhelmed. Open all the blinds and windows where you are working. Let the sun shine on your room and on your back.  Put on some music, kick off your slippers and start moving furniture. Change your perspective, change what you look at every single day, change what reminds you that it's likely to be groundhog day again.

Five: Don't replace anything, just appreciate the space for the whole day and the next, and the next and the next. Soon you will be able to breathe and feel the energy of the space you've created, then you can tweak it. Here is your chance to apply what you've learned about the space in your home and how you wish it could have functioned. You can now do it. Yes there may be some limitations, but you've changed your perspective, you got yourself out of your groundhog day interior!

Tell us about your
groundhog day interior. 
What are you itching to
get rid of?

Jamie & Gemma


  1. Even though I am a renter, this is great advice as I can work with what I've got. It's cosmetic changes.

  2. Our whole home and garden is going through a gradual overhaul. So to answer the question it's everything that needs attention. But time and money are factors, but we will get there bit by bit. At least I'm thrifty and creative. At the end of the day and several years of living here and years of ups and downs we've finally have got the headspace to start visualising what we want for our home, and furthermore agree on it.