Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sneak peek at our April 7 pop-up sale!

It is on this Sunday, April 7 from 10-2 at 20 Northmead Ave, Northmead, NSW!

We've been having a ball pulling together some really lovely and interesting salvaged and upcycled homewares. So much so we couldn't resist taking these shots to give you a sneaky peek to get this party going (omg, totally Rizzo from Grease right there)!

We will be making a cake or two to share around, playing some music, displaying our mood boards to get your creative juices flowing and releasing a few surprises including #wrappingninja !

Rain, hail or shine, it's on baby!

We hope to see you there so you can eat cake, browse and enjoy yourselves.

Jamie & Gemma


  1. I'll be there! With vintage bells on! Must remember to send you a pic of some old metal and quilted vinyl school chairs I have. They're now just sitting in my garden awaiting little people.

  2. I would so be there if it was 900kms away!

  3. That is such a super idea. Go you!