Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Urban Style Hunters launch

So Urban Style Hunters are go.....

There's nothing like some launch fanfare with your iPhone, taken approximately 43 seconds before the gates opened. Not even a damn sparkling wine pop to be heard!.... Ok it was 10am, but it was closer to 12 if you count it was the first day post daylight savings ceasing.

If you squint and use your imagination you may find these quick pics exciting!

That's us (Gemma and Jamie) in front of
our chock a block pop up store!
The vintage cases flew out the door.
We were so happy a lovely couple purchased
the beveled shabby mirror.
Super Sarah White was chuffed with the dolls crib which we explained could be used for shoe storage,
toy storage or even in the kitchen or for growing herbs.
Totally ideas ladies, ha!

There were lots of new faces to put to the Facebook and Instagram profiles of our Urban Style Hunters friends which was a complete thrill. 

Don't you just feel like you know people when you get to see their view of the world through their Instagram pics?

The agave plants were popular and so were the #wrappingninja and #urbansupplies, not to mention one little boys smile with his homemade fragrant soaps.
Mix and match vintage cutlery and homewares made the
display table the place to be.
A local lady claimed the antique rocking horse with class and sophistication, marginally falling short of
launching herself on the table! Classic!

It was great to see this lovely early 1900's stand
and the desk go to a great home!
wink wink Miss Rowena!
Jamie put together some inspiring mood boards showcasing how our salvaged items can be styled in the home.
We enjoyed explaining how retro crates can be used as wine storage.... because, just because.

If you are keen to see more about what we are up to you can follow us on Instagram (profiles are to the right) or search #urbanstylehunters. 

There is always something happening to help you get inspired to inject soul and fun into your home.

Jamie & Gemma


  1. It was a lovely launch, just wished I got there earlier to snaffle those suitcases! xx

    1. Just got some new stock Becci!!!! You could be excited!!!! xx

  2. Wowzers woman look at all that fabulousness. You should be so chuffed with yourself. You've given me a few things to think about with my market stall display, my first one on May 11th. X

    1. Ohhhhhhhh Trudie, are you just sooooo excited about May 11?????? I am excited for YOU!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your prep piccies on IG!