Monday, March 25, 2013

5 tips to add soul back into your home

1. Create a lady space, that's just for you. Display the things you love, objects which express who you are and trinkets that tell your story.

2. Reclaim the family living room. Make technology easy for you to use, limit the number and types of kids toys in the shared space. 

3. Swap background TV noise for music. Create instant calm, energy or a vibe to get everyone on the same page. Share your all time favourite tunes with your kids.

4. Change rooms around by adding or subtracting furniture when you feel things are a bit stale. Add colour with fresh cushions, flowers or Nana's lovely crochet blankets.

5. Look to the side of the road. Council kerbside clean up time is an untapped treasure trove of delights. Recycle, upcycle, hunt and gather. Just don't let your neighbours spot you!

What room in your home needs 
the soul back in it?

Our launch event is 
10-2 on Sunday 7 April 
in Northmead, Sydney!!!

Jamie and Gemma


  1. I desperately need some soul in my home! And some money to afford to buy it!

    1. There's lots of stuff I bet you have already Fi that you can use to tell your story in your new home. Stuff that you don't need or that doesn't fit with your evolving style can be donated or sold so you can buy some key pieces. Use that Pinterest Board to create and save images and colours that appeal to you. It will fall into place darl.

  2. Replies
    1. Get onto it Salz!!!! I've got my lady desk and my lady shed and some vignettes of lovely things around the house. Bugger the plastic toys taking over the world!

  3. lovely ideas! yes, no getting spotted by the neighbours x

    1. Ha, bet you're an expert of neighbour avoidance in such circumstances Rach!

  4. I love you tip about sharing your fav old time tunes with kids. We often do that with our little ones and our four your old son is rather big fan of Elvis I must say.